Cyber Security: A curious case of the fence eating the crops in your farm?

Most cyber security breaches originate from within - from third party software and hardware installed in your infrastructure, ironically procured with the intent of giving you maximum security in the first place. The most common source of security breaches are attributed to the Operating System especially proprietary closed source Operating Systems and the Firmware/Software used in the Network Gateways - the very protectors you have hired to secure your infrastructure. Customized Open Source based Security Products & Services from DBAUX allow you to own security in-house by giving you hands on access to the technology used with in these systems. Our line of products includes highly secure and custom made Linux/Open BSD/Android based Operating Systems, Unified Threat Management (UTM) & Gateway Line of Products, Single Sign On systems and End point Management Systems. Go ahead, control your own destiny!

Customized Security Solutions



We believe that bringing security in-house involves two important but independent steps

Customizing Open Source Products: Open Source products are used and tested by millions of users across the world. These include some of the world's largest governments, internet providers and large enterprises. DBAUX further enhances the security, performance, stability and usability of open source based products and ensures that the final solution is tailored made with your needs in mind. We believe that by virtue of having a highly secure and customized product that is different from what is available in the market, you have a tremendous leap in terms of security since the security foot print of your environment is only known to you

Indigenous Production: We also believe that to be truly secure, the technology needs to be provided to you by a legal entity that is accessible to you under the jurisdiction and laws of the country that you are based out of. Where ever possible, we are also strong believers in ensuring that the product line and the specific customizations involved therein are done indigenously in your country. DBAUX believes in a transparent model where we provide the basic technology but the specific customizations especially critical security related changes, are done as a joint venture or partnership with the legal entity that is indigenous to the country that you are based out of. To practically implement this philosophy, DBAUX has a number of partners across the world. If you would like to apply to be a partner with DBAUX, please send us a note to info@dbaux.com

DBAUX provides products that cover the entire breadth of IT infrastructure requirements. These include but are not limited to the following


DBAUX Products

The Base DBAUX Product Line includes the following