Product R&D Services

Product R&D ServicesSolving some of the world's most challenging computer science problems

Need help in dealing with systems that handle triple digit millions of users, infrastructure to handle Petabytes of data per day, optimizing end user load times of large internet sites to less than 5 seconds, architecting Big Data based Analytics systems and the like? DBAUX offers specialized Engineering and R&D Services that help solve hard engineering problems requiring specialized domain expertise and high end engineering talent. Our team really understands scale having helped solve challenging computer science problems at the top 10 Internet and Enterprise companies in the world

We love all things engineering and our team members are a really passionate bunch. Our motto is to solve some of the world's largest and hairiest computer science problems. Here are some of the areas we focus on

  • Big Data & Analytics:  Big Data and Analytics has been an area of strength for DBAUX due to the background of its founders who have all spend a large part of their career solving Big Data challenges for the largest internet companies in the world. We have instrumented and designed the Big Data backends of some of the world's largest internet companies that handle multiple Petabytes of data per day. Many of our team members are core committers at some of the largest Big Data Projects in the world. Our expertise spans Hadoop & associated components, Membase, Mongo, Redis and many such technologies. Our motto is that if we can't retrofit an available Open Source Technology to meet your Big Data/Analytics needs, we will build one for you - in fact some of our team members did exactly that in the past, when one of our clients, a large social gaming company was struggling to handle the load of their humongous user base. We helped them build Membase, a massively scalable NOSQL database that solved all of their Data Storage and Analytics needs. Membase is currently in use at some of the world's largest internet companies. Additionally our engineering team is ably complemented by a rockstar product management team who can help you bridge the gap on understanding where and what type of data is needed to run your business

  • Performance & Scaling: DBAUX is an expert when it comes to performance tuning and scaling. We have helped many of the world's largest consumer companies reduce the response times of their E-Commerce properties as well as save millions of dollars in terms of data center costs by reducing the amount of hardware required to serve the same customer base before we engaged in the project

  • Customized OS Development: We have a group of Architects who have contributed to some of the largest OS development projects in the world. We offer Customized OS development services and is one of our largest lines of business. We also maintain a custom DEBIAN LINUX and Open BSD UNIX based distributions modified by DBAUX that has built in to better security, stability, performance, driver/device support, regional language support and usability changes. We provide customization services on Android as well

  • Cloud & Data Center Management: We offer Cloud/Data Center Design and Management where we advice on all aspects of the software set up including virtualization set up, alerting & monitoring systems, optimal network/OS/application set up and designing the LAMMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Memcache, PHP) or other architecture as appropriate

  • Product Incubation Services: For companies that are in the early phase of their growth, we offer end to end product building services where a tag team of product managers and Architects can take your vision to an engineering reality. This is one of the most sought after services in our portfolio

  • Telecom: DBAUX has a lot of expertise in developing and integrating BSS/OSS and CRM systems for some of the leading Telecom Operators in the world. Our CTO, Prashun Purkayastha helped pioneer the Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) provisioning protocols such as TR-064 and TR-069 which is now widely used by ISP's across the world

  • Security Consulting: DBAUX does Security Consulting for some of the largest names in the world - this includes many of the Government organizations where Security is critical. We help in designing the software architecture keeping Security as the primary driver as well as develop hardware and software products with Security as the top concern

  • Other Professional Services: For other software needs such as Mobile Development, Oracle/SAP implementations and the like, we work with a trusted group of partners in Bangalore where we do the initial architecture and then supervise the work with the partner company. This helps us to be a 360 solution provider for our customers beyond niche high end Product R&D challenges

  • Testing Services: We provide Software Testing Services for Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Desktop Applications. We cover all aspects of QA like Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and Automation. We can do the testing for you or provide competent resources for your on premise testing needs.


Respecting the confidentiality agreements with many of our customers, only a subset of our customer base has been showcased here